Develop Teaching and Training Skills for Arabic Teachers

• Arabic Language Teachers who need to develop their teaching skills
• Schools and Institutions who need a formal skills development programme for their teachers

مساعدة المعلمين لاستخدام المنصات التعليمية عن بعد للتدريس

تدريب المعلمين لاعداد خطة الدروس عن بعد

مساعدة المؤسسات التعليمية للتخطيط و التدريس عن بعد للغة العربية
تقديم استشارات للمؤسسات التعليمية التي ترغب في تعزيز برامجها بوسائل تعليم العربية عن بعد لغير ناطقيها

This Video show how SmartHub is used to teach Languages. Nexus Learn Arabic have teamed with ROBOTEL to provide our Creative Arabic Content to support Arabic Teachers to Teach Arabic . Please contact us to know more!

Our Services for Teachers

We can provide Teachers with Curriculum Authoring Tools through our Partner Platforms. 

Teachers can either use Nexus Arabic Platform OR  your own tools with our content  to teach Arabic online; in-class or off-class (e.g. homework)

We can provide teachers with tools to Track attendance, monitor progress and provide grading reports.

In Collaboration with Partner Universities, we can help to build your capacity, Train your Teachers and get them certified from accredited Universities. 

We are an accredited Centre for Talal Abu Ghazaleh International Universities, and we can offer a range of Certified courses dedicated for training teachers of Arabic for non-native speakers and deliver the training either online or at the university campus in Amman -Jordan.

Teaching Arabic through Distance Learning is not only about connection through Zoom, it is more on how to transfer the learning outcome and approach to suit the online environment and what tools to use.