Nexus Learn Arabic formed a strategic Partnership with Robotel, a developer of the SmartClass teaching platform and leader in the development of digital curriculum to teach various languages.

Nexus Learn Arabic, as an expert of Arabic content will provide Robotel with an extensive and high-quality Arabic digital curriculum to be offered to teaching institutions across the world.

Learn Arabic Online


In line with our mutual interest and endeavor to spread the learning of Arabic Language, Nexus Learn Arabic and Talal Abu-Ghazaleh International University (TAGIUni) – based in Jordan – signed a formal agreement that will enable Nexus Learn Arabic to reach further to Academic institutions and organisations in the UK to provide the Arabic Language Fluency Programme founded and delivered by TAGIUni.

Arabic Language Fluency Programme offers an Arabic Language Test for non-native speakers follwing the internationally recognised Language frameworks ( i.e. CEFR and ACTFL). 

Nexus Learn Arabic is an Authorised Marketing and Testing provider for Arabic Language Fluency Programme in the UK and Turkey. 

In addition to Arabic Language test, the Arabic Language Fluency Programme also offers:

  • Arabic Language courses held in Jordan for students who wish to have an immersive experience in Arabic -Speaking environment.
  • Teachers Training programme for Arabic Teachers at TAGI-UNI
  • Arabic Language books ( Beginner and Fluency levels) to assist learners and support educational firms.

This agreement and collaboration with TAGIU form a great example of the practical projects collaboration that is much needed between all organisations working to deliver a high-quality learning experience of Arabic Language.