Our Story

We are able to deliver a custom made learning experience for Companies that satisfy their employees need for the Arabic Language.

With our Educational Technology partners, we can help to integrate into your Learning Management System (LMS) so your employees or students still feel they have a consistent learning experience.

Read more about our services at Learn Arabic for Organisations page


We can provide support services for Universities, Educational institutions and schools who currently have Arabic Language Programme or wish to start such a programme.

Along your programmes you can benefit from our online learning platform to provide your student pre or post course learning practice that improve their Arabic Language skills or get them ready for your own programme.

We provide services for schools that wish to teach Arabic Language for non-native speakers.

  • We Provide Arabic Curriculum through SmartHub Platform that has been used by hundreds of schools with dedicated tools to teach second languages.
  • Our content will support teacher and allow them to enrich their class through:
    – Creating original content through SmartHub tools with guided training and support for teachers to create their own material (Videos, Workshops)
    – Or SmartHub + Content (Ready to use Arabic Curriculum)
    – Analytics and reporting to allow easy tracking of students’ performance.
    – Connected Schools cloud that allow sharing of resources between schools and teachers when needed.