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Ummi – أمي , Mum , Mama, Mother, Mamma, Maman, Ma, Maman, Ammee and the list go on for different names of Mother in different languages.

One of these names is possibly the first word any baby utters and you see how close it is to heart and to easily pronounced.

This apparent similarity has always amused me as well as My MUM amused me with her unique ability to willingly give love, passion and care for all around her.

My love for Arabic language started with my mother and the novels she used to give me to read when I was child to learn Arabic and English.

I found this genuine passion for Arabic Language in many people I met. We felt that Arabic Language deserves spreading to the world and want to teach Arabic in more passionate, engaging way yet standardized and delivering results.

Nexus Learn Arabic will become the engine for transforming how Arabic Language is taught online.

With increasingly innovative e-learning tools, we select, use and develop tools that show the beauty of Arabic Language.

Among our team, you will find content developers, curriculum authors, project manager, expert linguist and experts in the Arabic language. In addition to these professionals, similarly, it is amazing how our team enjoy writing articles, poem, novels of the Arabic Language.

Our team is dominantly Arabic native speakers with professional experience in the e-learning industry, educational services, teaching and extensive experience in linguistics and Arabic Language.

We wish we contribute to bring the world better understanding of Arabic Culture and help to bridge the gap between nations with the NEXUS we are creating.

Jamal Al-Tamimi

Founder of Nexus Learn Arabic

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