Arabic for Business

If you wish to speak Arabic to improve your communicaiton with your business partners, work colleagues and team members then you will need a flexible, target-oriented and quality learning.

Nexus Learn Arabic provide you with quality learning and interactive tools to make your learning results-oriented and enable you to maximise your business and career opportunities by strengthening your relations.

Our native Arabic teachers are all qualified and trained to deal with different learners needs. You also can customise your learning to your specific needs with a premium one-to-one live session.

Arabic for Travel

Travel and Tourism is the most direct exposure to learning new language at a language home country. If you are planning to visit an Arabic speaking country or you are already there, our courses can help you to benefit the most from your visit.

In your visit , you may immerse yourself in learning Arabic Language and you could wish that you learned basics of Arabic Language before the visit as ice-breaker and as a way to socialise and  communicate with people around you who speak Arabic.

You may also have learned Arabic basic skills in your stay and now you want to dive deep into Learning Arabic and improve your reading and writing skills as well as increase your conversational skill and vocabulary.

Arabic for Culture

Language is a container for culture. With Arabic language you can access a wealth of cultural heritage. From music to festivals, art , food and calligraphy, you will open a world of culture by understanding more about Arabic Cultural components.

We will be showing examples of these rich and beautiful cultural contribution from different parts of Arabic and Islamic world.

Arabic for Islamic Learning

Arabic and Islam had been and continue to have undivided relation. Quran as the book of Islam had been revealed in Arabic Language and since 1400 years all muslims learn Quran by essentially learning how to read Arabic.

Unfortunately, many Muslims can read the Alphabets and words of Quran but they can not grasb its meaning as they did not go through learning Basic Arabic and did not start by building basic Arabic vocabulary that help them in later stage to understand basic meaning in Quranic Verses than start improve their learning of Quran.

We will help you to understand Arabic language and how to compose different words and relate to there meaning and build up your vocabulary. This will help you to understand the Arabic words that Quran holds.

Quranic Arabic is a form of Standard Arabic but it is the utmost high crtierra for Arabic Language and so , special attention and specialised classes will still be needed to understand further of Quran high-calibar Arabic Language.